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Episode 181: Quigley (01:13:13)

Chris Quigley join us in the studio this episode. He's a coach, a teacher and an all around excellent person. Really, it does him an injustice to try and sum him up here so why don't you just listen. Thanks for sitting in with us, Chris!

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Episode 179: Hello Irv (01:01:07)

Jared's father-in-law, Irv, joins us in the studio this week. He's got stories for days, never lost a fight, took a ride with the Men in Black and watched a great show on the 4th of July. Thanks for sitting down with us, Irv!

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Episode 178: The Mazaks (01:49:48)

Well shit... Here is a conversation with Joey and Dave Mazak. Joey was about to move away so the brothers joined us at our floating studio for a few laughs. It's nice to hear your voice, Dave.

from the studio, growing up, guest, music

Episode 175: More Steve, Please (01:06:36)

We have a returning guest on this episode. Steve'o had a day and joins us in the studio to chat about clowns, sayings and the night music broke the floor. It's your basic hang with lots of laughs. Thanks Steve'o!

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Episode 163: Chad (01:14:39)

This week we take a field trip to Khaos Studios to talk with Chad, formerly of The Mix (R.I.P.). He is a gracious host with a brand new recording studio and impeccable mic technique. If you have not seen him preform with his Dio tribute band, his Iron Maiden tribute band or his Led Zeppelin tribute band you are missing out.  Thank for sitting down with us Chad!

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Episode 162: Matt Brenn-again (01:18:32)

Matt Brennan opened his heart and his studio to us jerks this week. He's started his own custom pop art company called Two Thangs in which he collides two subjects into one amazing piece of art. Check it out.

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Episode 147: Van Haven (35:31)

Van Haven came and went in stride with our sobriety. Listen in to our first live wrap up to our first live event. We then capped our wrap with a recording in the back of my van. Thanks Troy for all the support!

Big thank you to:

The Lighting League, Monumental Undertaking, The Mix, Georgetown Brewery, Two Beers Brewery, La Catrina, All City Coffee, Franz Chocolates, The Square Knot, Star Brass Lounge, Smoothy, Jackie, and all the vanners who showed up. See you next year!