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Episode 230: Last Jedi Review w/ Steve'o and Troy (01:09:41)

We called it and it happened! Steve'o and Troy join Jared and me in the studio this week to get into the nitty gritty of Star Wars the Last Jedi. This was a fun episode to record! Thanks for sitting in with us you two!

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Episode 224: Hawk'n Shit (54:56)

On this episode Jared and I talk about Steve'o leaving early from the Seahawks game to look at porno, Jared has a musical project and I talk about piss. 

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Episode 175: More Steve, Please (01:06:36)

We have a returning guest on this episode. Steve'o had a day and joins us in the studio to chat about clowns, sayings and the night music broke the floor. It's your basic hang with lots of laughs. Thanks Steve'o!