Van Haven

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Episode 147: Van Haven (35:31)

Van Haven came and went in stride with our sobriety. Listen in to our first live wrap up to our first live event. We then capped our wrap with a recording in the back of my van. Thanks Troy for all the support!

Big thank you to:

The Lighting League, Monumental Undertaking, The Mix, Georgetown Brewery, Two Beers Brewery, La Catrina, All City Coffee, Franz Chocolates, The Square Knot, Star Brass Lounge, Smoothy, Jackie, and all the vanners who showed up. See you next year!

Episode 139: Dead Baby Dave (01:03:32)

This week our guest is Dead Baby Dave. He allows us a glimpse into the history of the Dead Baby Bike club, The Dead Baby Downhill race and the upcoming Dead Baby party in Georgetown. Lotta Dead Baby talk on this episode. If you haven't been to the party try your hardest to go, it's the best summer event held in Georgetown. August 7th in the evening. See you there!

Also, Van Haven is coming September 12th.