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Episode 273: Cure for Pain (01:34:35)

On this episode our friend Jason joins us to talk about Morphine’s SECOND ALBUM “Cure for Pain.” We also talk a bit about our N.Y. trip and some other sh!t.

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Episode 264: Post (01:11:14)

On this episode we find I’m getting E-blackmailed, that El Salvador was awesome and what’s going through Bjork’s head when she falls in ….Love?

Our Second Album Selection for this week is Bjork’s “POST” and its a killer. Enjoy!

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Episode 246: Corrie (01:42:59)

Corrie joins us in the studio this episode! We talk about her growing up on a farm, letting go of painting to embrace writing and of course, DUNE. She also sits in on another round of Threat ASSESSMENT! We have been friends for a long time and it was great to sit down together. Thank you, Corrie!

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Episode 241: Berg and Britt (01:15:12)

Guest host Steve Bergstrom sits in with Jared on this episode. They talk music, recording, and what went into making the new Finger Guns record, SASQUATCH. They made a god damn record and its tight!

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Episode 237: Lance Mercer (01:19:43)

Lance is a good friend and a great photographer. You have seen his work and now you get to hear his take on photography, travel and surviving cancer. Thanks for sitting in with us, Lance!

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Episode 234: Kick Bawl (54:50)

Daniel and Johnny meet again, The Black Panther was pretty good and Jared begins his obsession with Martin Mull. Thats the basics for this episode, now listen in for the deets!

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Episode 224: Hawk'n Shit (54:56)

On this episode Jared and I talk about Steve'o leaving early from the Seahawks game to look at porno, Jared has a musical project and I talk about piss. 

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Episode 215: What's your Pleasure (58:04)

On this episode Jared and I circle back around about Revelations, the eclipse, and jumping on trampolines. Crazy Eddie moved onto Seth's dock, Jared saw some movies and my niece is awesome!

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Episode 208: Wylde Tymes (01:02:07)

We start this week's episode with a call to our friend Jager and make plans to see Tool. Then we talk about seeing Zakk Wylde play, Dave and Melissa getting married, getting pulled over by the cops and movies. Chris Cornell passed and the world is a little less bright.

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Episode 202: Space Baby (01:01:39)

On this episode, well, it doesn't matter. None of this matters. If you want to know then here, Jared went to Coachella and Stan Lee jerked off with Pee Wee. Happy now? Good.