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Episode 277: Ride the Lightning (01:31:05)

Our good pal Troy joins us again in studio but this time, instead of tearing apart the latest Star Wars debacle we celebrate Metallica’s SECOND ALBUM, “ Ride the Lighting.” No surprises here, it’s a crusher!

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Episode 274: Paranoid (01:22:28)

On this episode we talk about Black Sabbath's SECOND ALBUM "Paranoid." No spoiler here, it's a killer and holds an important foothold when climbing the mountain of music.

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Episode 264: Post (01:11:14)

On this episode we find I’m getting E-blackmailed, that El Salvador was awesome and what’s going through Bjork’s head when she falls in ….Love?

Our Second Album Selection for this week is Bjork’s “POST” and its a killer. Enjoy!

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Episode 206: Bad Dad "Summer Plans" (14:50)

On this episode Margo and I talk about the upcoming Star Wars movie, what jedi's can do with the force, and what Margo has planned for the summer. I had a birthday party with good cake and Margo agrees! Enjoy!

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Episode 202: Space Baby (01:01:39)

On this episode, well, it doesn't matter. None of this matters. If you want to know then here, Jared went to Coachella and Stan Lee jerked off with Pee Wee. Happy now? Good.