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Episode 188: The Best of What You Never Heard, Part 2 (43:55)

Because of the quality control here at the TNE Network, not all sessions make it to the internet. Jared and I sat in his garage, listened to our wreckage and found some funny bits. Enjoy!

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Episode 187: Dave Britt (01:29:34)

This week Dave Britt returns to the show. He talks about his drumming influences, camper dreams and the bands in-between. I ramble on about my art projects and the brothers agree that their dad is The Wolf. Enjoy!

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Episode 185: Re-Peter (01:05:03)

Pete O. sits in with us on this episode. We open up by opening up, talk about sleepovers, Gene Wilder, Land of the Lost and a bunch of other junk. It's always a pleasure to sit down with you Pete. Thanks for coming by!

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Episode 184: DisEnchanted Forest (01:19:23)

On this Episode The Britts go on a magical adventure, we agree water slides are cool, we pose the question, "Can you have too many crayons?", and think that hitting your tale bone smarts. Enjoy!

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Episode 182: Shovel Pass (01:07:30)

Just a couple of jerks shooting the shit this episode. The Guinness Book of Records was our internet, the Brand New show was good for various reasons and work, work, work. Also, politics.

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Episode 181: Quigley (01:13:13)

Chris Quigley join us in the studio this episode. He's a coach, a teacher and an all around excellent person. Really, it does him an injustice to try and sum him up here so why don't you just listen. Thanks for sitting in with us, Chris!

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Episode 180: touch yo'self (59:04)

We talk a lot about music, walkmans and movies. We agree Martin is cool and will always steer you correctly when choosing records. Also, feel yourself up, for health reasons. We miss you, Dave.

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Episode 179: Hello Irv (01:01:07)

Jared's father-in-law, Irv, joins us in the studio this week. He's got stories for days, never lost a fight, took a ride with the Men in Black and watched a great show on the 4th of July. Thanks for sitting down with us, Irv!

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Episode 177: Alaskan Clap (01:10:48)

Bad Dad with Margo opens this episode. Schools out, the zoo is cool and I learn a new alphabet song. Then, Jared and I shoot the shit about his neighbor's muscle cars, old world Seattle and what I thought about the X-men movie. 

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Episode 175: More Steve, Please (01:06:36)

We have a returning guest on this episode. Steve'o had a day and joins us in the studio to chat about clowns, sayings and the night music broke the floor. It's your basic hang with lots of laughs. Thanks Steve'o!

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Episode 171: Clean Garage (01:03:33)

This week Jared and I talk about reoccurring dreams, why he doesn't want to write with me anymore and those magic moments when The Playboy channel came in clear. Margo had some drama and It almost made me cry...almost. Enjoy!