Star Wars

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Episode 256: Every Body Strut (01:02:15)

On this Episode, Jared and I talk about Public Enemy, talk about movie struts, Solo, seeing boobs on tv with your folks in the room and my trip to the foot doctor. Enjoy!

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Episode 230: Last Jedi Review w/ Steve'o and Troy (01:09:41)

We called it and it happened! Steve'o and Troy join Jared and me in the studio this week to get into the nitty gritty of Star Wars the Last Jedi. This was a fun episode to record! Thanks for sitting in with us you two!

F.U.I.A.H.M., Garage studio, seahawks, Star Wars

Episode 229: Kaboom! (47:12)

On this Episode Jared and I talk about things that go boom and the intense pain of an ingrown toenail. Sure, there is other topics but why spoil it here, Enjoy!

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Episode 206: Bad Dad "Summer Plans" (14:50)

On this episode Margo and I talk about the upcoming Star Wars movie, what jedi's can do with the force, and what Margo has planned for the summer. I had a birthday party with good cake and Margo agrees! Enjoy!

Britt Family, Garage studio, growing up, guest, movies, music, Star Wars, talking about friends

Episode 204: Peter Britt (01:07:20)

Just like the title says, Peter Britt joins us on this week's episode. We talk about his guitar playing in Pilot to Bombardier, a bit of Star Wars and a bit of growing up. Maybe a story about a choke hold;d here and there. Thanks for coming in Pete!

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Episode 157: Jabba Ranks (01:23:35)

Bad Dad right off the bat! Margo and I talk Star Wars and Christmas thank yous. Then her old man comes in to polish off the SW talk, chat about the REDFANG show, condoms in your wallet and getting mugged in Holland.  Spend the next 1.5 hours with us. I promise it won't hurt.

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Episode 156: Fizz the Season (01:10:13)

On this episode Jared and I riff about the eating season and meeting up when there were no cell phones. There's some Star Wars talk too but it's only the last 1/2 of the episode. Nothing is spoiled tho because someday we'll be as cool as Lando.