Crazy Eddie

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Episode 215: What's your Pleasure (58:04)

On this episode Jared and I circle back around about Revelations, the eclipse, and jumping on trampolines. Crazy Eddie moved onto Seth's dock, Jared saw some movies and my niece is awesome!

Crazy Eddie, Garage studio, growing up, movies, music

Episode 205: Altered Verses (47:59)

Jared saw U2, I saw The Flaming Lips and there was a time when jammed up animals ruled the album cover. Pairing movies with being impaired is fun and maybe Clapton did some in-studio editing. 

Garage studio, Crazy Eddie, diggers

Episode 201: Durden Burden (01:02:07)

On this episode Jared and I talk about the Saga of Crazy Eddie, discuss growing plants and revisit taking a digger. Skateboarding my be in our future and I've been staking an old neighbor. Enjoy!