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Episode 246: Corrie (01:42:59)

Corrie joins us in the studio this episode! We talk about her growing up on a farm, letting go of painting to embrace writing and of course, DUNE. She also sits in on another round of Threat ASSESSMENT! We have been friends for a long time and it was great to sit down together. Thank you, Corrie!

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Episode 237: Lance Mercer (01:19:43)

Lance is a good friend and a great photographer. You have seen his work and now you get to hear his take on photography, travel and surviving cancer. Thanks for sitting in with us, Lance!

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Episode 226: Fuel Drunk (54:21)

Really, nothing else matters on this episode other than...THREAT ASSESSMENT!

 Still, I got a job and we talk building and Seahawks'n stuff.

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Episode 223: Drum Chums (56:33)

This episode has Dave Britt sitting in as Co-Host! We talk a bit about Stephen King messing with kids, literally. We also hit on visual art, making music and where the two cross over. This episode has a great rhythm but what else would you expect from two drummers. Enjoy! 

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Episode 219: Matt the Fourth

Matt Brennnan IV sits in with us again. He sheds some light on his lineage, talks painting and makes us laugh. Matt always has a few thangs in the works including his band, Dry T-Shirt Contest's new album, comedy fundraising at The Elks and glorious mash up paintings. Thanks for sitting in, Matt!

Check out his Two Thangs site!

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Episode 187: Dave Britt (01:29:34)

This week Dave Britt returns to the show. He talks about his drumming influences, camper dreams and the bands in-between. I ramble on about my art projects and the brothers agree that their dad is The Wolf. Enjoy!

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Episode 178: The Mazaks (01:49:48)

Well shit... Here is a conversation with Joey and Dave Mazak. Joey was about to move away so the brothers joined us at our floating studio for a few laughs. It's nice to hear your voice, Dave.

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Episode 162: Matt Brenn-again (01:18:32)

Matt Brennan opened his heart and his studio to us jerks this week. He's started his own custom pop art company called Two Thangs in which he collides two subjects into one amazing piece of art. Check it out.